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Our Services

Whether building a significant real estate portfolio,
or even for those only after a single property in Japan,
we can provide assistance with:

  • providing further information in English on selected Foreclosed Japan real estate listings
  • placing bids on targeted real estate acquisitions
  • handling all of the legal procedures for completing the registration of real estate purchases upon successful bids.
  • refunding deposits in full upon failed property bids
  • placing real estate professionals as required - property/facility management, renovations, design, development, and more
  • dealing with taxes in Japan
  • arranging insurance
  • putting property on the market for quick resale

  • Foreclosed Japan was established to suit serious real estate investors who are able to move quickly to take advantage of the opportunities in the Japanese real estate market.

    We remove all of the language barriers, allowing an easy point of entry into Japanese real estate investment and a single point of control to manage your Japanese real estate assets.